Castlecombe ‘Green Card’ and ‘Castle Points’ Reward System

Our children are rewarded with green cards.   These are rewarded for a variety of reasons including:-

  • very good work for the individual child
  • consistent effort over several pieces of work
  • good behaviour

The award of five green cards leads to the award of an Achievement Certificate.    At this time the children are also awarded a Castle Point for each Achievement Certificate.  A Headteacher Certificate is given to the children for outstanding achievement.  These certificates are worth two Castle Points.

 When children join our school they are placed in one of four Castle Teams,  named after castles in Kent.

The Castles are as follows.

  • Leeds Castle - [Green]
  • Hever Castle - [Yellow]
  • Rochester Castle - [Red]
  • Dover Castle - [Blue]

The Castle Points are counted every half term and the Castle Cup is presented to the winning team.  Points for the Castle Cup are also earned at different events during the year e.g Sport’s Day.