PE this term...

We are very grateful to Stuart for providing some indoor nets that has enabled us to play and some new games and develop some old ones this term.

KS2 have been enjoying handball, Italia Ball and football using the goals.

We have been working on football and netball in Y5/Y6 to build up to our tournaments.

Meanwhile KS 1 have been introduced to some new fun warm-ups. The most popular one seems to be a tag game called "Who Let The Dogs Out?!". It has become a Friday morning favourite, even though it means the staff have the tune in their heads all weekend.

The PE Stars for February are...

YR Aiden - for always bringing his "A game" to PE.

Y1 Roxie - for working hard on her fitness and running, particularly at playtime.

Y2 Miracle - for getting stuck in to every challenge and joining in with football in the playground every day.

Y3 Harry - for his fantastic football knowledge and upbeat personality.

Y4 Ben - for the enthusiasm he brings to PE.

Y5 Jay - for making a big effort to improve his all round game.

Y6 Freddie - for better listening, behaviour and performance.

Whole School PE Star for February

Jason (Y3) - for proving that good guys do win. He's always polite, tries his best and sets the standard in Y3. He's also very talented.

Teacher Award for February

 Mrs Marsh (Y5) for a classic commando crawl and some lethal goalscoring in Italia Ball/Cricket.

(Winners get to keep a PE Trophy for a Month on their desk).

Simon Moore
PE and Sports Facilitator