We will develop children’s reading in all subjects. Children will be taught to read fluently, understand both fiction and non-fiction and will be encouraged to read for pleasure. We provide library facilities and set expectations for reading at home.

Guided reading is taught to small groups of children, ensuring that the class teacher listens to every child read weekly. As the children become fluent readers, the focus for these guided sessions moves towards improving comprehension skills. During Reception and Key Stage 1 all children will read at least weekly to a member of our educational support staff team. Extra support for individual children is provided by volunteer readers. This is to help achieve regular reading with the children and help to improve reading skills, develop language and vocabulary and build confidence and self esteem. If you are interested in volunteering to listen to readers in school please contact Miss Bailey.

Children are encouraged to read at home for at least ten minutes every day and we will provide good quality, exciting texts in order to inspire a love of reading. Research shows a positive link between reading frequently and enjoyment and educational attainment. Reading for pleasure has positive emotional and social benefits, improves text comprehension and grammar skills and increases general knowledge.

At school we believe that teaching all children to be confident, able readers is very important. Teachers have class texts and read to their class regularly. We hold two book fairs and character dressing up days a year to promote enjoyment in reading. We have a reading display in school where we encourage children to complete a book review and share it on the display.