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Pupil PE Awards - April 2017


HUSNA for a fantastic attitude and always getting involved in our question and answer discussions during a session.

Year 1

DANIEL for a great throwing technique and improving his listening.

Year 2

VANESSA for showing fantastic focus and quiet determination.

Year 3

EILEEN for some powerful speedway running and for always doing the right thing.

Year 4

JOVAN for an improved attitude in sport, this boy can be one of the best if he continues to challenge himself in every session.

Year 5

EMIR  is one of the quiet achievers who is a good all-rounder. That means he can reach a good level in every part of PE, whether it is fitness, running or ball games.

Year 6

ANNUR is a consistently high performer in all sports throughout the last few years at Castlecombe. This winner has got some serious wheels (he’s fast!) and is skilled in several sports. He’s also one of the most sporting students we have produced and takes a great interest in how every one of our teams perform in tournaments and was one of our basketball stars this week.